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Finlay Pendant Light

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Step into a harmonious blend of industrial ruggedness and vintage elegance with this distinctive pendant light. Designed to exude charm and character, its oil-rubbed bronze exterior encapsulates a radiant copper-finish interior, embodying the essence of contrasting aesthetics.

  • Dual-Tone Design: The pendant sports an outer oil-rubbed bronze finish, seamlessly juxtaposed with a gleaming copper interior, crafting a visual spectacle of light and shadow.

  • Warm Illumination: Furnished with a metal mesh diffuser, the pendant disperses a soft, warm light, courtesy of the included 60-watt vintage bulb, setting the tone for cozy and intimate moments.

  • Ideal Dimensions: With a 6" diameter, this light fixture strikes a perfect balance between presence and subtlety, making it a versatile addition to any space.

  • Flexible Adjustability: Designed for adaptability, the pendant's temples allow height adjustments from 11" to 60", catering to varying spatial needs.

  • Compatibility: The adjustable angle base and hood have been thoughtfully crafted to be compatible with sloped ceilings, offering installation versatility.

  • Modern Meets Classic: While its dual-tone finish and mesh diffuser exude vintage vibes, the sleek design lines lend a touch of modernity, making it a delightful blend of past and present.

A beacon of warmth and style, this pendant light promises to breathe life into spaces, be it over a kitchen island, a bar area, or any setting that yearns for a touch of timeless allure.