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Led Square Disk

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Illuminate your space with more than just light; let it shine with contemporary sophistication. This LED ceiling light stands as a testament to cutting-edge design combined with flawless functionality. It effortlessly elevates modern interiors, turning every corner into a showcase of style and luminance.

  • Sleek Design: Boasting a 7" painted pewter-colored square trim, this fixture exhibits a minimalist aesthetic that exudes modernity - serving as the perfect contemporary LED ceiling light

  • Efficient Illumination: Powered by an 18W LED, it casts a brilliant glow at 3000K, replicating the warmth of natural daylight.

  • Brightness Just Right: Delivering a commendable 1000 Lumen, the dimmable flushmount ensures you have the flexibility to set the ambiance as per your mood.

  • Stylish & Functional: More than just a light source, its flushmount design makes it a definitive statement piece, complementing and elevating contemporary spaces.

  • Effortless Installation: Surface-mounted for ease, this LED light operates at line voltage, eliminating the need for an external driver.

  • New ES Model: Part of the new ES Model series, it promises a harmonious blend of aesthetic charm and technological prowess.

Perfect for homeowners who appreciate the finer nuances of contemporary design, this LED ceiling light is a beacon of modern elegance, promising to redefine spaces with its luminescent charm.